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Great Books Making Music Media Tools
Great Books Making Music Media Tools

Endemeo is committed to providing products that excel in both quality and value. Please enjoy your visit and if you have any questions, call us at (330) 277-5000 or send us an email through the contact page. We look forward to working with you.

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Bose L1 Compact Portable Powered Line Array Loudspeaker System

The L1 Compact system is our smallest and most portable system for an audience of up to 100. It includes an integrated two-channel mixer with ToneMatch® presets on each channel. Carry it in one trip. Set it up in one minute. Fill the room with one system.

Bose L1 Model 1S Powered Line Array Speaker system + B2 Bass Module + T1 ToneMatch!

The Bose L1 system offers a unique combination of performance and portability for an audience of up to 300. With a 12-speaker articulated line array providing 180 degrees of clear, even, sound, the system is also designed to work with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine as well as a choice in bass modules. Easy to transport, and set up in minutes.

The Lindsey Family - My Town (CD)

My Town is intended to create a wistful longing in the listener for bygone days when life was simpler and more meaningful—a time when common sense and general goodness overcame political correctness and agenda.  While our world today is unquestionably altered from that time, there are still places remaining that cling to old-fashioned values and prudence.  We count it a privilege to live in such a place!   In our town, prayer still happens before every major event, and the sidewalks are still rolled up at dusk every evening, except by the restaurant on the corner of the square, where people gather after a day’s work and everybody knows your name.  

Even here in this little vestige of the past, there is an increasing rush toward tomorrow.  People are beginning to look into their phones more than into each other’s eyes.  And kids are forgetting the wonders of exploring a creek and building tree forts in favor of playing video games and watching movies.

Let these songs take you back and remind you of the important things in life.  Maybe you can relate to losing a family farm as the title track depicts, or perhaps Movie House will remind you of a special place from your childhood taken over by more modern, profitable ventures.  Looking back can be informative for the future and They’re Gone is an encouragement to make the most of every moment in life.  Whether you live in a small town, on a farm in the country or in a big city, at the end of the day, we believe that The Only Thing that Matters is our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy this jaunt down Memory Lane!  And we hope that it inspires you to cling to the truly important things in life and to make a difference in your world today!

God bless you all,
The Lindsey Family
May, 2017

Unless otherwise noted, the performers on this album are:

Alan Lindsey – vocals, rhythm guitar
Caleb Lindsey- vocals, mandolin, general fill-in on all instruments
Rebekah Lindsey – vocals, guitar
Naomi Lindsey-vocals, bass, penny whistle
Susanna Lindsey-vocals, fiddle as noted on tracks
Timothy Lindsey-vocals, banjo, dobro,  percussion

Guest Fiddle tracks-Stephen Burwell and Maddie Denton as noted on tracks

Bose L1 Model II Powered Line Array Loudspeaker system + B2 Bass Module + T1 ToneMatch

The L1 Model II is our most advanced system for audiences up 500, featuring a 24-speaker articulated line array to provide our best tonal balance and coverage, and highest output.

Behringer X AIR XR18

18-Channel, 12-Bus Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 16 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, Integrated Wifi Module and Multi-Channel USB Audio Interface

The Lindsey Family - A Lindsey Christmas (CD)

It's the very first Lindsey Family Christmas project! "A Lindsey Christmas" features 10 diverse yet familiar, traditional but attention-getting tracks, including a lively original. There's a wide swath of musical tradition and interpretation here folks, so get ready to sing along to somethin'!

Released in December, 2015.

Top Sellers

The Lindsey Family - A Lindsey Christmas (CD)

It's the very first Lindsey Family Christmas project! "A Lindsey Christmas" features 10 diverse yet familiar, traditional but attention-getting tracks, including a lively original. There's a wide swath of musical tradition and interpretation here folks, so get ready to sing along to somethin'!

Released in December, 2015.

The Lindsey Family - Day by Day CD

Released in June, 2009, this is the 4th CD from the Lindseys.  The project is a compilation of Hymns done bluegrass style!  Day by Day features 16 tracks and a full cover insert with credits and photos.  

The Lindsey Family - What I Have (CD)

Released in July, 2013, this is the 7th CD from the Lindsey Family. "What I Have" features 13 tracks, including five originals.

The Lindsey Family - "Small Beginnings" CD

The debut disc from the Lindsey Family featuring 12 classic bluegrass gospel and traditional tunes from their first years together. CD includes full 8-page color insert with individual biographies and photos. Songs include: Arkansas Traveler (Instrumental), Victory in Jesus, Green Pastures, Blue Ridge Cabin Home, I Saw the Light, Red Haired Boy (Instrumental), Fishers of Men (Accapella), Workin' on a Building, I Hold to His Hand, Little White Church, Old Joe Clark & Master of the Wind.

The Lindsey Family - Singing As We Go CD

Released in May, 2010, this is the 5th CD from the Lindsey Family. The project the second of a two-volume set of hymns done our way! Singing As We Go features 13 tracks and a full color insert with credits and photos.

Real Beginning Guitar (DVD) by The Murphy Method

For those of you who have never played guitar. Using the 3 basic chords G, C, and D, we guide you through 22 songs from the bluegrass, folk, and gospel repertoire. Uses basic bluegrass strum with alternating bass strings. This video will establish a solid foundation for any type of music. Great ear training! Lesson on keys and capos. Taught by Murphy Henry. Running Time: 2 hours

The Lindsey Family - Shine CD

Released in June, 2008, this is the 3rd CD from the Lindseys, and so far the best!  Shine features 16 songs played in driving Bluegrass style.  CD includes full 6-page color insert with individual credits and photos. 

Journeys to the Edge of Creation (2 DVDs) by Moody Video

This series explores the latest discoveries of space exploration. Enjoy stunning images of the world beyond us! And remind yourself of the truth that no world is beyond God, and His truth is the truth that will ultimately answer the deepest mysteries of space.  Two volumes: 40 min. each.

The Lindsey Family - Crosses & Stones (CD)

Released in May, 2015, this is the 8th CD from the Lindsey Family.  "Crosses & Stones" features 13 tracks.

Crosses & Stones is a story.  It's a story of hope and victory; of not letting weakness and sin overtake us, but conquering in this life just as Jesus conquered the grave!  This world can't keep us down because we follow after Jesus - who overcame this world!  And it doesn't matter that we're not perfect!  Whether it’s in the catchy, upbeat "Every Saint" or the bluesy, heartfelt "Wayward Son," the theme rings out - Jesus loves us!   We trust that you'll feel empowered, encouraged and challenged by every song we've chosen for this project.  From our heart to yours...

Dunlop Ultex Guitar Pick 1.14mm (Flatpicker's Delight)
Dunlop Ultex Guitar Picks are a flatpicker's delight!  Fast, rigid, clean, and bright!

They have that thing.

Designed to feel and sound like old-fashioned real tortoiseshell picks, they have unmatched durability and response. Choose .60mm, .73mm, 1.0mm, or 1.14mm.

Dunlop 1.14mm Ultex Guitar Picks Features:

  • Brilliant snap
  • Hard-core durability
  • Flawless contoured edges
  • Unlimited dynamic range

The only thing better than an Ultex 114 is a Planet Acoustic Feaux Tortoise.


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