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About Endemeo

Our Mission:

EI Endemeo is a Greek word meaning to be among one own people; to dwell in one's own country; to stay or be present at home. That's the philosophy of our home-based, family-run businesses. We are committed to strengthening and encouraging both home and family. While our products may seem unrelated, they all have a common element. Quite honestly, they are simply things we have found to be useful for our own family. Always conscious to be good stewards of our resources, we've become distributors for many of these products in order to provide them inexpensively for our own use, while passing on significant savings to others as well. Our goal is to keep our children creative, productive and happy at home while providing ways for them to eventually support their own families.

Our Products:

We currently offer a wide range of sometimes seemingly unrelated products, however the common bond is that they're all products that we use ourselves. These include Musical Instruments (Blueridge, Alvarez, Taylor, Martin, Cremona, GoldStar, Mahalo, Regal, Michael Kelly, Accessories, Cases, Instructional DVDs & Videos), Music CDs, Shop Tools, Kreg Pocket-Hole Joinery Jigs & Tools, FrameCo Picture Framing Tools, Family Books & Media (Patch the Pirate Adventures, Majesty Music Products, Lindsey Family Records CDs, Lamplighter Books, Moody Videos (Moody Science Classics, Moody Science Adventures, Moody Bible Adventures, The Newton's Workshop, etc...), "Uncle Eric" Books), Tascam Audio Electronics for Home Recording ... and we’re expanding our selections all the time. We’re committed to offering you first-rate equipment at the most reasonable prices--we don't sell junk.

Unless otherwise specified, all products listed on this website are BRAND NEW.

Our Family:

Endemeo is a family owned and operated business, run by the Lindsey Family. See the Lindsey Family Website if you like Bluegrass / Southern Gospel Music!

The Lindsey Family 2010

The Lindsey Family - 2010

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Read about our Customer Commitment!


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