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Tools for professional and beginning woodworkers alike!  For people who love being in the shop, consider Endemeo your friend.  We offer many tools, but they’re not just the type you can get from your local store.  Most of the tools we sell are uncommon jigs and equipment for specific tasks that will save you lots of time, if you know about them.  We sell the entire line of Kreg pocket hole jigs, accessories, screws, and machines.    You will find our prices very competitive relative to other tool venders.  In fact, if you see someone selling a particular product for less than us, please contact us.

Endemeo Inventory is limited.  First come, first served.  We'll also match any other advertised prices.  Please don't hesitate to call us  if you have questions.  Thanks...we look forward to serving you! 

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Kreg Pocket-Hole Tools

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Kreg Jig® K4 Kit

Price: $99.85  


Kreg Trak Clamp

Price: $4.99
Clearance: $3.56  


Kreg Adjustable Miter Trak - 42 Inch

Price: $32.00
Clearance: $17.86  


Kreg Klamp Plate

Price: $10.59
Clearance: $7.91  


Kreg 2 x 6 Inch #2 Square Driver Combo

Price: $6.00
Clearance: $3.32  


Kreg 3” & 6” #2 Square Driver Combo

Price: $4.30
Clearance: $2.72  


Kreg 4-1/2 Inch Resaw Guide

Price: $17.99
Clearance: $12.86  


Kreg Klamp Table

Price: $249.00  

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