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The Kreg Tool company is the industry leader in pocket-hole joinery. We believe Pocket-Screw joints are the best type of joint there is for many woodworking applications. If you're new to pocket-hole joinery, please feel free to read our beginner's tutorial: Pocket-Hole Joinery & Kreg Tools for Beginners.

From hobbyist to professional, whether you want to drill one hole at a time with a hand drill or blow out five at a time with a machine, it's all easy to do because with Kreg and pocket-hole joinery, you just drill the hole, put the boards together, drive the screw, and you're done! It's really that easy!  As woodworkers, trim carpenters, and weekend warriors have been finding out… the applications for Pocket-Screw Joinery are nearly endless. Whether you’re fixing, building, or remodeling, Pocket-Screw Joinery will help you do it faster, stronger, and easier. Give Pocket-Screw Joinery a try today and learn what it’s like to finish projects in hours instead of days. We’re confident that you’ll soon be looking for more and more ways to use this amazing technique in your next project!

Have a question or comment? Give us a call! We'll match any reasonable prices, and we may be willing to negotiate prices for bulk purchases.

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How To KREG-Jig-It!

Kreg Self-Tapping Pocket-Hole Screws

Plugs & Caps

Pocket Hole Machines

Pocket Hole Tools

Precision Clamping Systems

Precision Measuring Systems

Precision Routing Systems

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Kreg Jig® K4 Kit

Price: $99.85  


Kreg SK03 Screw Kit

Price: $23.99  


Kreg Trak Clamp

Price: $4.99
Clearance: $3.56  


Kreg Adjustable Miter Trak - 42 Inch

Price: $32.00
Clearance: $17.86  


Kreg Oak Plugs - 50 count

Price: $6.99
Clearance: $4.24  


Kreg Klamp Plate

Price: $10.59
Clearance: $7.91  


Kreg 2 x 6 Inch #2 Square Driver Combo

Price: $6.00
Clearance: $3.32  


Kreg 3” & 6” #2 Square Driver Combo

Price: $4.30
Clearance: $2.72  


Kreg 4-1/2 Inch Resaw Guide

Price: $17.99
Clearance: $12.86  


Kreg Klamp Table

Price: $249.00  

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