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Put Him Back America! by Godfrey McAllister


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Put Him Back… America! challenges the President, Congress, Judiciary and people of the United States to return God to His rightful place in the center of private and public life in a country which has its Foundations firmly rooted in Christianity, but which, with the aid of the Supreme Court, ACLU and the veneer of ‘religious tolerance’, continues to drift away from its moral and spiritual core values with deadly socio-economic consequences.  Because evil succeeds when good men do nothing, Dr. McAllister is challenging Christian America to Godly activism and militancy for God demands no less than center-stage in our private and public lives.

The ACLU has not yet succeeded in removing In God We Trust from our money. When fanatical Muslims struck the Twin Towers on 9/11 in the name of Allah, almost the entire nation of America visibly and audibly turned to God. God Bless America may still be a prayer for some, but it has been a reality for America for centuries.

This book establishes the fact that America was conceived, birthed and nurtured in Christianity. The overpowering weight of evidence demonstrates that the Founding Fathers not only prayed to, and relied on God, but also gave thanks to God for His overarching providence and protection.

Many have dared to challenge America s undeniable Christian heritage. To do this they run to the Treaty of Tripoli for cover and they join the Supreme Court in hiding behind Jefferson s Wall. They point to the absence of God from the Constitution and even allude to the banning of religious tests by the Bill of Rights. This book acknowledges all such challenges and systematically demolishes them.

Interestingly enough, I have never heard any one challenge America s Christian heritage on the grounds that it caused the slavery of black people to flourish within its borders. And I agree. The fact is that the same God who blessed America, appropriately punished her for her involvement in the crime of slavery. How else could you explain that when fighting the British enemy in a legitimate War for Independence, only 25,000 Americans died. Yet when fighting the Civil War over uprooting the cancer of slavery, 600,000 Americans died at the hands of their own countrymen! And that was just the beginning of the price.

The 13th 14th & 15th Amendments were all post Civil War Amendments which in a machiavellian twist of poetic justice, snatched most of the freedoms that the Founding Fathers had constitutionally secured for the people of America and ceded them to the Federal Government. As a result of their involvement in slavery, Americans who fought and won their freedom from England and who protected their freedom from the Federal monster they created to protect them, became enslaved to the Federal Government immediately after losing the Civil War over slavery.

But even in the darkest days of America s criminal involvement in slavery, the Christian values of this nation continued to shine like a beacon. Not only were the majority of Americans always opposed to slavery, but the Founding Fathers constitutionally guaranteed that the Slave Trade be abolished by 1808. Harriet Beecher Stowe and leading anti-slavery Activists were all Americans and so were the brave Northerners who fought to end it. Despite slavery, America retains its Christian influence.

But despite millions of Christian lights shining from coast to coast in America, something has gone wrong. As a nation, and at great cost, America has turned her back on her Christian heritage. The Judiciary and especially the Supreme Court has hijacked power from the Executive and the Legislature and from the people, and through tyrannical legislations from the bench and with the help of the likes of the ACLU, have been redefining America. Today, under the guise of all-inclusivity and religious tolerance, America has officially renounced its allegiance to the God of the heavens and earth... the God of Washington, Franklin and Henry, Katrina, Gustav and Ike.

Put Him Back...America! is incisive, insightful, profound and intensive. It is a clarion call to Americans, and especially to confessed Christians in America to put God back into the public square and back into the center of life in America before this great nation implodes and be discarded on the scrap heap of history like all the great world powers before it.
Are you ready for the change?

About the Author

Godfrey E. McAllister was born in Guyana, South America. He completed his early education in Guyana before migrating to Jamaica to read for his Bachelor s degree in Theology and Psychology. After working as a Guidance Counselor for two years, Godfrey was recruited into the Life Insurance Industry in 1978.

He became the first person in Jamaica to qualify for the International Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in his first three months at Life of Jamaica. He again qualified for the MDRT in 1979 and in 1980, became the first person to qualify for and attend the ultimately prestigious Top of the Table section of the Million Dollar Round Table. In that year, the world-wide convention was held in Marco Island in Florida. At the same time that he qualified for the Top of the Table, Godfrey broke all the Industry sales records in Jamaica in 1980.

Godfrey then went to work with Delaware s American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) s local office in Jamaica. In his first year at ALICO, Godfrey was named the #1 Personal Accident Insurance salesman in Jamaica. In his second year, he was named #1 in the Caribbean. In his third year he was named #1 in ALICO s world of over 70 countries. For the next six consecutive years, Godfrey was named the #1 world-wide Personal Accident Insurance salesman, each year breaking his own record.

Before leaving the Insurance Industry, Godfrey McAllister served as President of the Life Underwriters Association of Jamaica and Vice President of the Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters. He also earned the industry s two highest academic designations, that of Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant.

Godfrey McAllister served in his Island home of Jamaica as one of its most prominent Consumer Advocates for five years. In addition to several pamphlets, he authored Young Consumer Power for children and Winning the War? , which doubled as his doctoral thesis covering the Consumer/Provider Relations in Human Relations. His other major title is, You ve Got All it Takes to Succeed. Godfrey McAllister is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, a feat which he achieved in the world-record time of 1 year. He is a Motivational Speaker on topics such as, Rise from Your Slump and Succeed, Conquering Through Creative Communication, The power of the Mind in Reverse and To be or Not To Be... Sucker or Suckee!

Godfrey McAllister's interest in the United States of America dates back to 1979 when he first visited its shores. Since then, his professional life has repeatedly required him to interact with Americans at different levels. The result is that Godfrey has developed an abiding love and respect for the people of America. It is this love for Americans that has caused him great concern over the nation s rapid digression from the values on which it was founded and which made it great. Godfrey McAllister believes that it was God who laid it on his heart in 2004 to write the book, Put Him Back...America!

Product Details

  • Perfect Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: GodWill Publishers; Limited Edition edition (September 29, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0976578107
  • ISBN-13: 978-0976578109
  • Contents (Page #)
    • Preface (1)
      1. The People's God (4)
      2. The People’s Government – The Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature (16)
      3. Understanding Our Limitations (51)
      4. America’s Heritage – Christian and Otherwise! (62)
      5. America, God, and Abortion (75)
      6. Separation of Church & State in Perspective! (104)
      7. Constructing a Christian Model (129)
      8. Christian American Controversy (141)
      9. The Truth About the Treaty of Tripoli (176)
      10. The Mobilized Church of Jesus Christ (184)
      11. The Danbury Baptists and Jefferson in Depth (203)
      12. Jefferson’s ‘Wall’ (236)
      13. The Wall – Supreme Court’s Reconstruction (248)
      14. Prognosis (269)
    • The Star Spangled Banner (272)
    • Bibliography (273)

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