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The Lindsey Family - My Town DELUXE (CD)


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Price: $18.00
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Deluxe addition features 5 extra exclusive tracks!!!

My Town is intended to create a wistful longing in the listener for bygone days when life was simpler and more meaningful—a time when common sense and general goodness overcame political correctness and agenda.  While our world today is unquestionably altered from that time, there are still places remaining that cling to old-fashioned values and prudence.  We count it a privilege to live in such a place!   In our town, prayer still happens before every major event, and the sidewalks are still rolled up at dusk every evening, except by the restaurant on the corner of the square, where people gather after a day’s work and everybody knows your name.  

Even here in this little vestige of the past, there is an increasing rush toward tomorrow.  People are beginning to look into their phones more than into each other’s eyes.  And kids are forgetting the wonders of exploring a creek and building tree forts in favor of playing video games and watching movies.

Let these songs take you back and remind you of the important things in life.  Maybe you can relate to losing a family farm as the title track depicts, or perhaps Movie House will remind you of a special place from your childhood taken over by more modern, profitable ventures.  Looking back can be informative for the future and They’re Gone is an encouragement to make the most of every moment in life.  Whether you live in a small town, on a farm in the country or in a big city, at the end of the day, we believe that The Only Thing that Matters is our faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

We hope you enjoy this jaunt down Memory Lane!  And we hope that it inspires you to cling to the truly important things in life and to make a difference in your world today!

God bless you all,
The Lindsey Family
May, 2017

Track List:

1. Tall Buildings  (3:08) Jared A. Lindsey / SESAC
2. Today I Started Loving You Again  (3:51) Merle Haggard, Bonnie Owens / BMI
3. Take Me Home, Country Roads  (3:39) Mary Catherine Danoff, William T Danoff, John Denver / ASCAP
4. They're Gone  (3:18) Caleb R. Lindsey, The Lindsey Family / Lindse Family Arts (SESAC)
5. Movie House  (3:40) Steve Gaydusek / Lindsey Family Arts (SESAC)
6. MyTown  (4:08) Jared A. Lindsey / SESAC
7. DeFuniak Springs  (3:13) Steve Gaydusek / Lindsey Family Arts (SESAC)
8. Bubble Gum Days  (3:26) Steve Gaydusek / Lindsey Family Arts (SESAC)
9. Thank God I'm A Country Boy  (2:53) John Martin Sommers / ASCAP
10. The Only Thing That Matters (3:54) Barry Scott; Top O Holston Publishing / BMI
11. Temperamental (instrumental) (3:28) Caleb R. Lindsey / SESAC
12. Dooley (2:08) Rodney Dillard, Mitchell Jayne / ASCAP
DELUXE Addtions...
13. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (2:46) Hughie Prince, Don Raye / ASCAP
14. He Taught Me To Yodel (2:38) Terrie Parker / Jaspar Music (BMI), Caleb R. Lindsey, Tamela J. Lindsey / Lindsey Family Arts (SESAC)
15. Irish Medley (3:59) The Lindsey Family / Lindse Family Arts (SESAC)
16. Knee Deep In Bluegrass (3:30) Pete Goble, Goldrum Music / BMI
17. My Old Kentucky Home (3:52) Stephen Foster / Public Domain

Unless otherwise noted, the performers on this album are:

Alan Lindsey – vocals, rhythm guitar
Caleb Lindsey- vocals, mandolin, general fill-in on all instruments
Rebekah Lindsey – vocals, guitar
Naomi Lindsey-vocals, bass, penny whistle
Susanna Lindsey-vocals, fiddle as noted on tracks
Timothy Lindsey-vocals, banjo, dobro,  percussion

Guest Fiddle tracks-Stephen Burwell and Maddie Denton as noted on tracks

Our heartfelt thanks to :
Greensburg, KY--Our town and all of the wonderful people in it!  Special thanks to Joey and Carol Henderson, Rita Matney, Kim March and “Granny” Davis for watching out for our home and taking care of pets and plants and lawns and businesses while we tour.  We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Mr. Ronald Matney and Matney Diesel for always keeping our bus running and for making our lives richer! You are a treasure from the past living in our world today!

Our daughter, Elisabeth Taylor, for the wonderful photography and for making photo shoots fun!  And thanks to the town of Greensburg, KY for being the perfect backdrop!

Stephen Burwell of Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, and Maddie Denton, of Mashtag for the amazing fiddle tracks!

To all of you who buy our CDs, attend our concerts and welcome us with open arms when we come through your town.  We are so blessed by your genuine, sweet hospitality!

Our highest thanks to our Lord Jesus for giving us these talents and for the privilege of singing and sharing lives with so many wonderful people in so many special towns all across this great country!


Produced by: Caleb Lindsey
Executive producer: Alan Lindsey
Recorded at: Planet Acoustic Studios, Greensburg, KY
Mixed and Mastered by: Caleb Lindsey
Cover and liner photography: Elisabeth Taylor, Lis Anne Photography
Cover design: Timothy, Rebekah and Liberty Lindsey, Clay Taylor, et al.
Liner notes: Tammy Lindsey


Stories behind the songs:

My Town and Tall Buildings – Jared Lindsey

Jared is the oldest of the Lindsey children and grew up listening to stories his Grandpa Lindsey told.  My Town was born out of one such story.  Though it isn’t an exact representation, the song was inspired by the true story of Great Grandpa Mote’s farm in Southern Ohio.  After he passed away, an entire heritage was lost in the sale of his farm and things were never the same.

Tall Buildings is another of Jared’s songs.  After spending four years in college and then taking an engineering job in Nashville in 2016, he soon discovered that working in an office all day wasn’t his calling.  He longed for the music he loved and to focus on things that could make a difference in the world. 



DeFuniak Springs, Bubble Gum Days, Movie House – Steve Gaydusek

Steve Gaydusek is a good friend who lives in Upstate NY.  Steve shares about his adventures traveling around the country in the early 80s.  After arriving at a truck stop with his gas tank on empty and having only a five dollar bill in his pocket, he overheard three guys at the next table over talking about songs written about cities—Raining in LA, Viva Las Vegas, etc.  One guy laughed and said no one would ever write a song about his hometown!  Seeing an opportunity, Steve joined the conversation and bet the man he could write the song.  He had yet to discover that the man’s hometown was DeFuniak Springs, FL! Without having the money, Steve made the bet for $100.  The man’s friends were to decide the fate and Steve was given one hour to produce the song.  In just forty minutes, this was the result!  Needless to say, he won some gas money!

Steve also wrote the songs Bubble Gum Days and Movie House which are reminiscent of the innocence of childhood and a special connection to a place in the past. 

They’re Gone – The Lindsey Family

Written as a group effort within the family, They’re Gone ended up taking some major turns along the way.  Caleb wrote the chorus years ago after his three older siblings left the band to get married or go to college.  He remembers feeling melancholy and realizing that he had taken the time with them for granted. He wished he had enjoyed it more along the way.  After resurrecting that chorus, a story grew out of it.  At first, it was a song of regret about a girl missing her opportunity to spend time with her Grandpa.  Then we all decided to make it a song of hope—to encourage everyone to have no regrets.  We like the way it turned out.

Temperamental – Caleb Lindsey

Caleb says the name for this instrumental just fit.  It takes the listener through some unexpected twists and turns and changes along the way.

Today I Started Loving You Again

Though this isn’t an original song, it has a story behind it.  We have never sung cheating songs or even just love songs in our band.  We had a commitment to singing songs that were uplifting and morally sound.  When the kids brought this to their Papa really wanting to rock the harmonies, they challenged him to think of it as a song of loyalty and commitment.  Alan got choked up relating to this song in a very different way than most would.  As a child of divorce, he was often tempted to be angry at his Dad for leaving and being a better Dad to others than to his own son.  To him, this song reminds him how impossible it was to stop loving.  It is a song of faithfulness.  And what a joy that faithfulness yielded!  Before he passed away, that same Dad was such a precious part of our lives and a wonderful Grandpa to our children!  He would have loved this album!

Deluxe Notes:

We hope you enjoy these four additional songs available exclusively in our Deluxe edition of My Town!   These are some of the fun songs we share in our shows at theme parks, festivals and corporate events.  He Taught Me to Yodel features the talents and personality of the younger Lindsey children and is always a crowd pleaser! Boogie Woogie highlights the exceptional harmony of the sisters in a song that our older audiences really connect with.  The Irish Medley was first introduced at Silver Dollar City in Branson a debut tap dance at the end. Finally, When I’m Knee Deep in Bluegrass is about as bluegrass as it gets, but there simply wasn’t room for it on the album so we’ve included it as a bonus here!   

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